Home of the Taylor Family Cemetery

This is the home of the Taylor Family Cemetery located in Leon County, Texas. The cemetery is located approximately 1.1 miles North of F.M. 831 on C.R. 212. The cemetery is on the right.

This is the family cemetery of the decendents of Dr. William Franklin Taylor (1855-1925). The (three generation) family tree can be seen on Ancestry.com and on RootsWeb.com

I certainly do not have complete geneology information and would welcome any and all efforts to complete the family tree. You can send me submissions or you may be able to add to the tree online yourself, and add note, photos, and other comments. Please feel free.

The Taylor Cemetery is believed to be a part of the Cooper Cemetery, circa 1850, which includes the Raley, Oden, and Taylor Cemeteries. We are presently researching this. If you have any information about this please contact me. The land was donated by Carral Smith.