William Franklin Taylor

Dr. William Franklin Taylor
Dr. William Franklin Taylor was a medical doctor who was vital in the Flo pioneer settlers health and medical needs. He served the Flo area people by traveling the roads by horseback, his medical supplies packed in his bag and tied on to his horse. He went wherever he was called. Doc Taylor delivered many babies and tended to every manner of sickness. He would spend the night and sometimes weeks with his patients. At times he would be away from home for long periods of time, traveling from house to house, tending to the physical needs of our residents. He also served as the Flo dentist.

Doc Taylor stated on his medical registration that he was born in Covington Tennessee on August 2, 1854 (although many other sources claim 1855 is the correct year.) Family legend believes that he was born to a riverboat employee, possibly the captain. At some time around 1870 the riverboat the family was on was docked at an unknown location, and the mother and William, possibly with an unknown sibling, went ashore to spend the night in a boarding house. During the night the boat exploded (as was normal for the time) and the father was killed. William's mother remarried and the two was believed to not get along. When William's mother passed the current husband denied William the right to have her personal belongings. William left and came to Texas through Arkansas. He was 16. He drove a covered wagon for a widow lady and her children to Hillsboro, TX. There he met and fell in love with Elizabeth Jenny Hunt of Hillsboro. They were married and soon moved to Titus Co., where they lived for some time around 1880, according to the 1880 Census.

Later Doc and Elizabeth Taylor moved to Leon Co. where he would make his permanent home. He owned many acres of land and was successful in farming and raising livestock. He was very important in the land development of Flo.

Doc Taylor lost Elizabeth in 1899. He then married Mary Lee House. Doc owned a substantial amount of land in the area and gave each one of his children a home place. Doc had a total of 14 children with his two wives.

Although Doc Taylor claimed to be a 'Physician' in 1900 (according to the 1900 US Census) Doc Taylor obtained his medical credentials by standing before the State Board of Medical Examiners for the State of Texas. Having passed the requirements of the board Doc Taylor received his medical license on February 8th, 1908. Having the license, Doc Taylor then registered to practice medicine in Leon County on February 28th, 1908.